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The 1st sustainable communication agency in Luxembourg, the partner you need for your contribution to sustainable development.

Fossette is now a new member of the Luxembourgish association ProRSE.




Fossette was born from the union between passion and expertise.

Each and every one of us should act on our own scale.

We use communication and marketing tools to create a more sustainable world every day.

resources by applying the principles of the circular economy in our solutions.

We reduce pollution by promoting home-based working.

We preserve natural





We ensure equality,

diversity, well-being, transparency with our collaborators (customers, partners, future employees...).

development by donating 5% of our turnover each year to the association of our choice.

We support sustainable



Having grown up in a family with strong values, nature and animals are very important to us. Sustainable consuming, without always wanting more is essential and especially today. We see there a way of living where it is important to consume a product which respects the development of the resources of our Earth and this, from the extraction of the raw materials composing it, through its production, its transport, its consumption and finally its next life.

It was during my Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation that I came up with the idea of ​​combining my expertise in the world of communication / marketing and my duty as a concerned citizen. I don't pretend to want to change the world and human beings, but it's just about learning to act differently in our personal and professional lives.

It is in this perspective that I want to move forward with Fossette!

Fossette is now a member of the Luxembourgish association ProRSE.



* CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility.

* Eco-design: It’s about taking into account the entire life cycle of a product or service in an eco-responsible approach.

Why us ?

Well, through this agency, we want to create a community, where SHARING, RESPECT and TRUST are essential. We want to grow as much as we can and become a bigger family to be able to reach your goals.

And we will be able to do it only with YOU.


Do you need us?

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Thank you !

We never stop learning about communication, marketing, new trends and technologies but also about sustainable development to offer you the best tools to achieve your goals.

Fossette works with qualified freelancers with undeniable know-how to carry out the best projects.



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To be continued...

Project Manager



Let’s act together with tailor-made solutions in a responsible world.

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